Some Stam Family Heritage

Peter Stam's Family (c. 1929).

The family motto was "Ebenezer: Thus far has the Lord helped us."
Standing back row (L to R): Amelia, Neal, John, Nita
Standing in front (L to R): Jacob, Alma, Harry, Peter II, Margaret, Henry
Second Row, seated (L to R): Peter III, Deana with Baby John, Grandma Amelia holding Esther Rachel (daughter of Harry who died in Africa in 1930), Peggy (daughter of Peter II, Grandfather Peter I holding Ruth Lois (daughter of Harry), Betty, Dr. John Stam (son of Peter II)
Small children (L to R): Paul (son of Jacob), Ruth Margaret (daughter of Jacob), Ruth Wilma (daughter of Peter II), Dotsie (daughter of Henry), Helen (daughter of Henry)

Stam Family Bible (pdf file)
Published in 1852, this volume has hand-written family records of births, deaths, and marriages from our Dutch heritage (1853-1908)

Peter Stam Family Tree (jpg file)
Prepared by Jacob Stam (Sept. 4,1936 and "later made better"); including names, dates, and births of marriages and children

John and Betty Stam

John and Betty Stam: Missionary Martyrs
A photo essay by Carl Stam, February 2003.

John and Betty Stam: Correspondence from China (1931-34)
Family letters and missionary newsletters, mostly from John Stam to his Paterson, New Jersey, family.

A Testimony of Resurrection Life: by Jane L. Stam (MP3 audio)
Recorded on Easter Sunday, March 30, 1997, at the Chapel Hill Bible Church, Chapel Hill, NC

A Tribute to Jane Levring Stam
By Paul "Skip" Stam on his mother's 74th Birthday, March 11, 1999

"More Precious than Rubies"
Clara Stam has written a tribute to Jane Stam Miner on the occasion of her grandmother's 80th birthday, March 11, 2005

A Tribute to Paul Stam, Sr.
By Paul B. "Skip" Stam Jr. on Father's Day, June 21, 1998