Photos from Asbury Stem Cell Drive
April 13, 2010

The award for "Best Marketing" goes to Dr. Lester Ruth, professor of Christian Worship at Asbury Theological Seminary. Dr. Ruth altered and ironed a picture of his dog onto a t-shirt which he then wore to church to solicit more help for the drive.

More marketing...

Donors are asked to complete a medical form and then move down the line for their swabs.

Reverend Robert Magoola co-sponsored the Asbury stem cell drive.

Asbury drive in full swing.

Various stages of donation.

Listening to Chip while filling out a form.

Feels a lot like brushing teeth!

Dr. Lester Ruth and Reverend Robert Magoola at Apostles Anglican Church.

Drive essentials, right to left: financial contribution jar, medical forms, completed swab kits, pledge cards.

Filling out medical forms.

Reverend and Mrs. Gornik at Apostles Anglican Church.

Peter Matthews and Dr. Lester Ruth at St. Patrick's Anglican Church.

Carl Peters at St. Patrick's Anglican Church.

Lester handing out forms.

Collecting the samples.