Tips for Running a Successful Stem Cell Drive


- Make sure you have approval from Barbara Nolan from the BeTheMatch Registry to run your drive. Please see "Be the Match information on hosting a local drive" on www.carlstam.org/stemcelldrive.

- Schedule your volunteer phone training with Barbara Nolan.

- Invite people to your drive and promote your event! Please see "Flyer you can use to invite people to your Chip Stam local drive" on www.carlstam.org/stemcelldrive.

- Explain why you are running your drive and what will happen when people get there. They can:

  1. join the donor registry by providing a cheek swab
  2. support the cause by making a financial contribution ($25-100 suggested)
  3. both 1 and 2

- Have at least four people helping at your drive if you expect to sign up 30 or less; 6 if you expect to sign up to 60; 8 if you expect to sign up more than 60.

- Bring a laptop to access the www.carlstam.org/stemcelldrive Web site for educational information or to electronically process credit card donations through the "Give a Kit" link. If Internet access is not available, be prepared to explain both the cheek-swabbing process and what happens if someone is actually contacted to provide peripheral blood stem cell or bone marrow donation. You may also process cash or check contributions if you do not have online access for credit cards. More information below...

- Have plenty of pens on hand and flat surfaces for people to fill out their paperwork. If flat surfaces are not available, consider bringing a bunch of clip boards.

- Have a camera to take pictures of your event for our Web site.


- Set up

  • one station/person for handing out forms and answering questions
  • one station for prepping and feeding the kits to the station below
  • one station for receiving and checking filled out forms and providing the kits
  • one station for collecting completed swab kits and making the "contribution ask."

- Instruct people to complete the medical form prior to providing them with their cheek swabs.

- Remind people there is an age restriction to join the donor registry. You must between the ages of 18 and 60.

- Make sure people sign the last page of the medical form!

- Put stickers on the swabs as people are filling out the medical form to expedite the registration process. Consider putting together a of the kits prior to the start of the event to give you a head start.

- Make sure to ask each participant if they would be willing to donate the $25 that it costs to process each kit.

- Consider bringing a receipt book to your drive. If you do not have one, BeTheMatch can help process receipts after your event.

- Cash is accepted (although it must be converted to check or money order before it is sent in to the BeTheMatch Foundation).

- Credit cards may be processed online through the "Give a Kit" button on www.carlstam.org/stemcelldrive.

- Checks should be made payable to: BE THE MATCH FOUNDATION c/o Barbara Nolan Be the Match 2 Summit Park Drive, Suite 210 Cleveland, OH 44131 MEMO LINE: CARLSTAM2010


- Return completed kits, unused kits, checks/money collected, brochures, etc. via FedEx to Barbara Nolan. She will supply you with a shipper and a Fed Ex account return number prior to your event.

- Report your results to Barbara Nolan and Claire Harbeck [izbeck at verizon dot net], a former student of Chip's who is helping to coordinate drive events.