Photos from Louisville Stem Cell Drive
February 11, 2010

Barbara Nolan of the NMDP Be The Match Registry and Tricia Latham from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary flank the cancer patient.

Filling out the medical info form prior to the swabbing station. There was a great atmosphere of joy and fellowship.

Registration and the "swabbing" station. We had people registering from 11:00am till after 4:00pm--over 500 total.

Guest book and door prizes. This is where folks could also make a contribution to the drive without wanting to be in the registry. We told those who were over 60 years old that they were over qualified.

Dinner at Louisville's RAMSI'S CAFE ON THE WORLD on Tuesday night after a long "drive". From the left, Clara, Martin, Chip, and Doris Stam with Doon Wintz (ND Glee Club '85)